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We would like to draw to your attention the following Privacy Policy that is in place throughout our website, please do take a couple of moment so read through it as by doing so we will enlighten you as to what information may be gathered from you and how that information will be used when you visit this site.

As we use cookies throughout this website to identify you are a user of this website you need to be aware that you can remove that cookie at any time. Also in regards to third party websites that you may find links to throughout this site be aware that we cannot and will not be held responsible for any content found on a third party website.

We are aware that you may wish to make contact with us at any time and you are free to do so at anytime by sending us an email to our email address, be aware that our privacy policy does extend to when you make contact with us and as such you will only find us using your email address to reply to any questions you may have asked us.

We have spent many hours designing and putting together this website and would like to draw to your attention that all of the content including the images and layout of this site are protected by copyright and at no time are you permitted to copy any of the content displayed or found upon this site.

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