About Us

Having experienced any type of mental health concern or issue, you may be looking around for additional help and information that will enable you to get a much greater understanding of those issues.

You may not directly be affected by any form of mental health issues but my be concerned or worried about someone you know or live with who is displaying signs that may have some form of mental health issues, and if so then we have lots of resources that you are free to use throughout this http://www.healthatwork.org.uk website.

In fact, we have chosen to design this site more as a mental health blog that a standard website, for by doing so that enables us to constantly update the content we have available and also t enables us to quickly add additional posts, guides and articles that all of our site visitors will or may be interested in reading through.

We want this blog to become as popular as it can be with website visitors and as such we invite you to bookmark this site which will make returning to it slightly much easier than typing the full website address into your web browser! Feedback is of course important to use as by knowing what you want us to upload onto this site in regards to any mental health issues you wish to learn more about by making this site accessible to everyone and allow you to leave comments and messages on this site that that is going to be the best way we can receive your feedback.